Announcing IoETConf 2020

IoET Planet is an innovative & collaborative platform to bring people, process, data and things together for the first time under a single umbrella in order to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before.This community aim at taking IoT to the next level where we create new capabilities, collaborate & construct richer experiences and unprecedented economics opportunities for students, individuals, business and countries.

IoET Conference 2020 is an open community event of IoET Planet totally dedicated to IoT research, innovations and applications . It covers a wide range of topics, from embedded systems to data analytics and machine learning implementation, having the objective of enabling a vast array of services in areas like e-health, mobility, energy, manufacturing and agriculture, just to cite a few examples. Papers are sought to show technical advancements, research on major questions, innovation, pilot results and policy issues. Perspectives might be from the people and organisations involved, like researchers, users, user organisations, ICT industry, authorities and regulators.

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